Notes While Drifting

I read this morning that there is a sudden sales boom for body armor.
They’re selling everything. Backpacks. Tee-Shirts. Workwear.
The article quoted some ceos or presidents or whatever

I used to work for a big corporation
Nearly made it to the top
The air is different there
It’s a sad place to pretend to be happy
Nearly killed me.

But it wasn’t as bad as working with progressive activists
Which is what I focused on afterwards.
That really nearly killed me.

Now I drift.
Been years.
Banging up against things.

I didn’t expect that when I got old
I wouldn’t feel the same way about things as I did
when I was planning what I would do when I got old.

I wasted years of my life trying to get people to do something about climate change. Thinking after, we could all get on with our lives.
But nearly no one did anything except get on with their lives.

They will wait for the body armor.
Rafts. Fireproof clothes, homes.
Floating homes maybe.
Maybe it will be like Huck and Jim floating down the Mississippi
Yes. That’s possible I guess.
Maybe it’ll seem good.

June 14, 2022

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