National Defense Authorization Act (2023)

i saw on facebook that bruce willis is dead
he isn’t

(sound the trumpets 
issue a decree 
the slaves of stupidity 
have been set free)

just wanted to let you know 
that while the World cup is being played
the slaves of stupidity
have been set free and
the World population passed 8 billion and 
the House quietly passed the new $858 billion dollar defense budget

(8% more war than the year before
$42 billion more War than POTUS even asked for!) 

i guess that’s about $858 of protection 
for every person 
from every person 

(sound the trumpets 
issue a decree
$858 for you 
$858 for me)

i saw a bit of their shopping list
i mean how do you choose?
▪ 864,000 XM1128, XM1113, M107, and M795 (155mm rounds)
▪ 12,000 AGM–179 Joint Air-to-Ground Missiles (JAGM)
▪ 700 M142 HIMARS
▪ 1,700 ATACMS
▪ 2,600 Harpoons
▪ 1,250 Naval Strike Missiles
▪ 106,000 Guided Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (GMLRS)
▪ 3,850 PAC–3 Missile Segment Enhancement weapons
▪ 5,600 FIM–92 Stinger
▪ 28,300 FGM–148 Javelin
▪ 5,100 AIM–120 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles
▪ 2.2 million Modular Artillery Charge Systems 
▪ 12,050 M982A1 Excalibur
▪ 950 LRASM
▪ 3,100 JASSM
▪ 1,500 Standard Missile–6 (SM–6)
▪ 5,100 Sidewinder Missiles (AIM–9X)

I thought I’d check more into Excalibur 
King Arthur’s old sword 
What might you need 12,050 (at ~$68,000 each)  
of them for 

(I’ve provided some links 
let me know what you think…

,,,and here you can watch what will be in store
for the 12,050 we end up aiming them towards)

© r.s.greene
Dec 11, 2022

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One response to “National Defense Authorization Act (2023)”

  1. Bob

    Nice piece Russell. Seems like we can always come up with money for weapons.

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