Climate Tipping Points and the 4X100 Meter Relay

isn’t it amazing that a human can in an instant
gauge their exact distance from a basketball hoop
calculate the precise amount of strength, arc and rotation to apply to the ball
and then tell the body to do it

or the amount of space between you and the car in front of you
as you slam on the brakes and realize you are not going to stop in time
and begin to calculate the force of impact
and how to best position your body
and surrender your mind
so to have the best chance of survival

i’m thinking about the 4X100 meter relay race
and how you usually know before the final handoff of the baton
if your team has even a chance
and that how, in the races that are the most exciting,
it’s not so easy to tell until after the last baton has been passed
when, as all of the anchors round the final turn
you get your first perpendicular cross-section view
and finally know exactly where everyone is

it is obvious
we are too far behind
we’re not going to sprint

Love is the Ark

© r.s.greene

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